Draftsman warnings. Used to enforce “Factorio-correctness”, or the belief that operations in Draftsman that are unorthodox or ignored on import to Factorio should be mentioned to the user.

exception ConnectionDistanceWarning

Raised when an attempted wire connection is too distant to be properly resolved in-game.

exception ConnectionSideWarning

Raised when an attempted wire connection is made to an invalid side of the Entity.

exception DirectionWarning

Raised when the direction does not match the rotation type, e.g. setting a 4-way rotatable Entity’s direction to Direction.NORTHWEST (an 8-way directional value).

exception DraftsmanWarning

Root warning class for Draftsman. Useful if you want to easily ignore all warnings issued from the module without getting rid of warnings entirely; simply filter this class. This is a subclass of UserWarning, and all other Draftsman warnings are subclasses of this.

exception FlippingWarning

Raised when attempting to flip an entity that may or not be able to be flipped. This is only raised when flipping an EntityCollection with modded entities.

exception HiddenEntityWarning

Raised when an Entity that is marked as hidden is placed within a blueprint.

exception IndexWarning

Raised when the index of some element is out of expected range, though not to the point of failing import into Factorio.

exception ItemCapacityWarning

Raised when the volume of item requests exeeds the number of inventory slots of the entity, such as requesting 10,000 iron plate to a "wooden-chest".

exception ItemLimitationWarning

Raised when an item request does not match the particular entities valid item-types, such as incorrect ingredients for an AssemblingMachine with a recipe, or a Lab with non-science pack inputs.

exception ModuleCapacityWarning

Raised when the number of modules in an Entity with module slots exceeds the total module capacity.

exception ModuleLimitationWarning

Raised when the modules inside of an Entity conflict, either with the Entity’s type or it’s recipe.

exception OverlappingObjectsWarning

Raised when the CollisionSet of a SpatialLike object overlaps the CollisionSet of another object, and that their collision_mask s intersect. In layman’s terms, if two or more tiles or entities are placed on top of each other such that they would not be able to be placed in-game, this warning is raised.

exception RailAlignmentWarning

Raised when an Entity is placed on odd coordinates when it’s type restricts it’s placement to the rail grid (even coordinates).

exception TemperatureRangeWarning

Raised when the temperature of a heat interface is outside of the range [0, 1000].

exception TooManyConnectionsWarning

Raised when a power connection is attempted between an power-pole that already has 5 or more connections.

exception UselessConnectionWarning

Raised when a circuit connection is functionally useless, such as when a wall is connected with a circuit wire without an adjacent Gate.

exception ValueWarning

Generic warning, similar to ValueError. Raised when a input value is incorrect, but wont cause the blueprint to fail import.

exception VolumeRangeWarning

Raised when the volume of a programmable speaker is outside of the range [0.0, 1.0]