class LogisticConditionMixin

(Implicitly inherits ControlBehaviorMixin)

Allows the Entity to have an logistic enable condition, such as when the amount of some item in the logistic network exceeds some constant.

remove_logistic_condition() None

Removes the logistic condition of the Entity. Does nothing if the Entity has no logistic condition to remove.

set_logistic_condition(a: str | None = None, cmp: str = '<', b: str | int = 0) None

Sets the logistic condition of the Entity.

cmp can be specified as stored as the single unicode character which is used by Factorio, or you can use the Python formatted 2-character equivalents:

# One of:
[">", "<", "=",  "≥",  "≤",  "≠"]
# Or, alternatively:
[">", "<", "==", ">=", "<=", "!="]

If specified in the second format, they are converted to and stored as the first format.

  • a – The string name of the first signal.

  • cmp – The operation to use, as specified above.

  • b – The string name of the second signal, or some 32-bit constant.


DataFormatError – If a is not a valid signal name, if cmp is not a valid operation, or if b is neither a valid signal name nor a constant.

property connect_to_logistic_network: str

Whether or not this entity should use it’s logistic network condition to control its operation (if it has one).


Gets the value of connect_to_logistic_network, or None if not set.


Sets the value of connect_to_logistic_network. Removes the key if set to None.




TypeError – If set to anything other than a bool or None.