class SpatialLike

Abstract class that provides the necessary methods so that an object that can be added to a SpatialHashMap.


Gets the world-space coordinates AABB that completely encompasses the collision_set of this SpatialLike. Behaves similarly to the old function get_area(), except now it correctly handles non-AABB collision shapes.

get_world_collision_set() CollisionSet

Get’s the world-space coordinate CollisionSet of the object, or the collection of all shapes that this EntityLike interacts with.


A new CollisionSet with it’s content’s copied.

abstract property collision_mask: set

A set of strings representing the collision layers that this object collides with.

abstract property collision_set: CollisionSet

Set of CollisionShape where the Entity’s position acts as their origin.

abstract property global_position: Vector

Position of the object, expressed in global space (world space).

abstract property position: Vector

Position of the object, expressed in local space. Local space can be either global space (if the EntityLike exists in a Blueprint at a root level) or local to it’s parent Group.